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Classroom Support Specialist

Ultimate Medical Academy | Posted 2-05-2021

Tampa (Call Center and Help Desk)

Job Posting:

Purpose of the Position:

Assists students with basic questions, technical troubleshooting and/or connects them with the correct department or resource. The Classroom Support Specialist reports to the Manager/AD, Classroom Support. Key Responsibilities:


  • Provide appropriate support verbally that encourages, motivates, and leaves the student feeling positive on all interactions.
  • Evaluate and resolve student inquiries, issues and problems, and ensure appropriate action is taken to the satisfaction of the student and UMA.
  • Assist students with how to log into class, walk students through the required steps to reset their login credentials.
  • Assist students with contacting their instructor/Student Finance/Academic Facilitation Department/and other student-supporting departments.
  • Confirm student book shipments, book type required, and assist student with questions about e-books.
  • Assist students with LMS navigation and resource discovery.
  • Handle calls with a blend of quality and efficiency to ensure service levels are maintained and all incoming calls are serviced appropriately.
  • Advise students’ assigned Learner Services/New Student Advisor of issues, problems, notes, questions, and comments communicated by students.
  • Assist with and facilitate initiatives designed to improve the effectiveness of the Learner Services program and other marketing-based programs.
  • Provide administrative support to departments including Learner Services, Registrar, Academics, Student Finance, and Admissions.
  • Work with Academics Department to help develop and improve curriculum content, quality and presentation based on issues, needs, and feedback communicated by students.


  • Provide tier one technical support to students in support of the Learner Services/New Student Advisor roles.
  • Document all call types that come in via the Classroom Support queue.
  • Assess student technical and other issues and provide input on improving overall student experience.

Support Institutional Initiatives

  • Keep current on institutional goals, objectives, and progress
  • Engage in institutional sponsored activities and initiatives as appropriate
  • Lead with courage in support of change initiatives that impact organization
  • Provide feedback and input


  • Demonstrates knowledge of, and carefully follows all applicable federal and state compliance requirements and regulations including those prescribed by the Department of Education, accrediting agencies, CIE, and internal UMA policies and procedures.
  • Effectively communicates compliance requirements to students and other staff as appropriate and quickly escalates any compliance concerns to the Compliance department.

Work Experience, Skills & Abilities:

Minimum Requirements:

  • High School diploma
  • Proficient verbal and written English
  • Proficiency in MS Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Access)
  • Able to support a diverse and inclusive work environment

Preferred Requirements:

  • Additional education from minimum requirement
  • Customer service experience
  • Technical support experience
  • Certifications, Licenses
  • Other skills or abilities
Working Environment:
  • Office Environment/Call Center - Must be able to work in the UMA Office
  • Flexibility to work evenings and weekends as needed

Physical Demands:
  • Requires long periods of sitting at a desk working on a compute
  • Requires occasional bending, stooping and squatting
  • Requires occasional lifting of up to 10 lbs