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Buffalo Wild Wings | Posted 4-05-2021

Wichita Falls (Health and Medicine)

POSITION SUMMARY: The responsibilities of the food expeditor include maintaining the flow of orders from waiters to kitchen to diners, ensuring orders are completed quickly and correctly, assisting with the finishing touches on dishes, and conducting quality control on each dish.
Ensuring communication in the kitchen by calling out orders, getting the status on dishes, and calling the waitstaff to serve completed dishes.
Informing the waitstaff when certain dishes or ingredients have run out and passing food requests from the waitstaff to the kitchen.
Monitoring the food portions on completed dishes according to restaurant standards.
Ensuring that all orders are completed in time and with the correct priority.
Inspecting the cleanliness, presentation, and temperature of completed dishes.
Performing the finishing touches to completed dishes, such as adding garnishes and removing smudges.
Keeping the cooking, storage, and prep areas clean, neat, and well-stocked.
Ensuring all staff adhere to health and safety standards.
Assisting all staff as needed.
Handling customer complaints on behalf of the kitchen staff and looking for solutions.
Strong verbal and written communications skills
Professional appearance and demeanor
Ability to effectively communicate with people at all levels and from various backgrounds
Friendly, approachable, and customer service oriented
Sense of urgency and able to work in fast paced environment
Ability to work as a team-player